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Submitted on
August 23, 2012


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:new:will extend the end date of the contest, which will be on November 7

hello beautiful people, today is August 23 and we are one month of his second birthday!
and I thought of doing a contest, by the time I did not know what could be the theme of the contest, until I saw an advertisement for the Emmy broadcast that day on September 23, terrible coincidence and the perfect theme for our new contest

Emmy Awards

:bulletyellow:What is allowed:
YYH characters and characters from SM

:bulletgreen:What is not allowed:

:bulletyellow:How can you present?:
Traditional, digital, fanfic, which one you like or you'll be easier
besides the characters that you like unless you give the award more than you'll like

:bulletgreen:minimum requirement to be submitted:
not less than 4 characters (example: 2 I do not like - 2 I like, 1 i don't like - 6 i like)
but no more than 10 characters, you can also have one or two speeches (a discourse of "x" character in YYH or "x" character SM) speech Maximum: 4

Start: August 23
Ends: November 7 September 20, why 20 and not 23? because I decided, i just kidding XD ending September 23

:bulletgreen:prize: (I was forgetting this!)
Winner's package by AnotherContestGroup
a drawing by Seni-Ines


well ... good luck to all!
and sorry for my bad english ^-^'


Concurso por los dos años del grupo

:new:extendere la fecha de finalizacion del concurso, que sera el 7 de Noviembre

hola gente hermosa, hoy es 23 de Agosto y estamos a un mes de cumplir dos años!!
y se me ocurrio de hacer un concurso, por el momento no sabia cual podria ser el tema de dicho concurso, hasta que vi una propaganda de los Emmy que lo transmiten el dia 23 de septiembre, terrible casualidad y el perfecto tema para nuestro nuevo concurso

entrega de los premios Emmy

:bulletyellow:¿que esta permitido?:
personajes de YYH y personajes de SM

:bulletgreen:¿que no esta permitido?:

:bulletyellow:¿cómo se puede presentar?:
tradicional, digital, fanfic, lo que mas te guste o te sea mas facil
ademas de que los personajes que a ti menos te gusten den el premio al que a ti mas te gusta

:bulletgreen:requisito minimo a presentar:
no menos de 4 personajes (ejemplo: 2 no me gustan, 2 me gustan)
pero no mas de 10 personajes, tambien puede tener uno o dos discursos (un discurso de "x" personaje de YYH o "x" personaje de SM) maximo de discurso: 4

comienzo: 23 de Agosto
fin: 7 de Noviembre 20 de Septiembre, por que 20 y no 23? porque lo decidi, mentira XD termina el 23 de septiembre

:bulletgreen:premios: (me estaba olvidando de esto!!)
Paquete de Ganador por AnotherContestGroup
un dibujo por Seni-Ines


bueno... buena suerte para todos!

thanks list:
:iconsailor-moon-club: :iconanothercontestgroup: :iconknittywitty: :iconseni-ines: :iconsparklingalchemist: :iconyuyuhakushogang4ever: :icontogashi-yoshihiro-fc: :iconguardianoftheflame: :iconultimate-yyh: :iconserinamay: :iconsailormoonfanatics: :iconyyhrp-da: :iconraven-n-rose-group:
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Dorapz Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2012  Student General Artist
hola tengo una duda que es paquete de ganador?
IrisHitatsumy13 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
muy bien no lo se, pero por lo que lei y entendi es que te dan llamas, muestran el dibujo(o lo q haya ganado) en el grupo, uno o varios del equipo lo publican en su propio dA, te dejo mejor el link con las preguntas frecuentes del grupo que ofrece dicho paquete

aqui: [link]
Dorapz Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2012  Student General Artist
ok gracias :D
IrisHitatsumy13 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
de nada! =)
SerinaMay Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
If you still need a judge I'd be happy to help ^__^
~founder of :iconsailormoonfanatics:~
IrisHitatsumy13 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
:iconnewglomp: thaaaaaaaanks! :la:
sailorx161 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2012
i am entering, but what is the theme of the contest?
IrisHitatsumy13 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
The theme of the contest is the Emmy Awards, please read the journal which I explain that it is and if you do not understand something I explain it with pleasure ^.^
sailorx161 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012
please do
IrisHitatsumy13 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
well, the contest is on the Emmy Awards, you know they are?
from there you can make a drawing, history, cosplay, which you'll find it easier to do....
for this are allowed everybody YuYu Hakusho characters as characters from Sailor Moon
you understood as it is the contest?
I keep explaining ... within the medium you chose to participate must be at least 4 characters (combined as you want) but those who give the award must be your characters that you least favorite of the series, you understand more or less what I'm saying?
and those who receive the award must be that you like the series, they can give a speech as thanks, which is not very long speech
I hope I have explained everything to you to understand, sorry for my English, good luck if you get to participate :aww:
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